Fort Worth Zinefest 2018 recap

I have one of the best times out here at fort worth zinefest its been an amazing time. It was my first time out here in fort worth i am definitely coming back. Lots of love to the entire Fort Worth Zinefest team, It was one of the best zine festival i have ever been. I think one of the main reason i enjoyed it so much was because i was able to see alot of the main programing of the festival and many of the musical acts. The layout of the festival gave for a easy flow of traffic for visitors and very much able to still see the main programing acts. Truly one of the best festivals ive been to so far.

the amazing staff of Fort Worth Zinefest

Fort Worth is definitely going through a sort of a renaissance period so many amazing artist,writers,musical acts shown that day i was having a hard time being reminded this was all here in Fort Worth but once again our Texas neighbors  stay trued to our independent spirit and made for an amazing festival. Thank you again Zinefest fort worth staff it was an amazing time.  Thank you to all the new friends i made there .

Seriously check this amazing band out there called The Brallettes

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