SXSW Recap

What an amazing time i had at SXSW 2018 this year, got to meet a lot of amazing people and got to be at amazing workshops that felt amazing!. Its with every SXSW that feels like more a marathon than a festival with the constant walking and being out for long periods of time. The endurance of many people gets tested with the fact you can catch your favorite acts multiple times through the day.

started off the day at the amazing Sahara lounge out in Austin,Tx it was my first time there , which honestly shocked me and my friends cause i knew of sahara lounge for sometime but haven’t been there, so it was definitely worth the visit, the day started at the sheshreds showcase


later into the day we venture off to hotel vegas, another amazing venue, home to the burger records take over during sxsw , My friend from socal had come down to visit me during the chaos of sxsw and had mentioned to check out yonatan gat, it was truly an insane show.

if you have never seen him live, well its kinda a weird showcase of live performance art/music but filled with amazing raw energy and amazing music. Probably one of the best things to check out that sxsw.

as i headed outside for some air away fromt he madness that was hotel vegas got to see this little gem infront of the venue. ,sadly i had just gotten some food before or else i would have gotten the burger of the day lol.

got to see one of my favorite bands from spain,a.k.a zephyr bones . So the venue was a place i never been mostly due its not a normal venue per say but during sxsw that is the magic of making non-traditional venues into music venues.

so this photo doesn’t do justice of how amazing the band no vacation from the bay area rock the co-op house out there in austin,tx. Infact the show was so good had to see them a few times, it was just too good.


This is probably one of the main reason why i love this festival so much because it the only one of its kind that lets you meet and greet with artist and meet new ones and able to attend large shows like the fader fort and official stages then see some of you favorite artist at an house party show across town . So its probably the DIY spirit that the city and festival embraces that makes for a fun mix of events.

i wish i had done some table and vending events but in the chaos of sxsw its a bit hard. cheers to a great week and to a better year.


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